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Short Cruising Boot Gill

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100% natural rubber compound calf high boot with non-slip razor cut soles, the ideal boot for on deck use.

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Product Care: Remove salt and grit by washing under a tap or hose with fresh water. The outside of the boots can be cleaned with a warm non-detergent soap solution and rinsed thoroughly. Use a stiff brush to remove stubborn residue. You can also clean the inside of the boot with fresh water and a non-detergent soap. Wipe well to remove excess water inside and out. Allow to dry naturally away from a direct heat source. To improve the drying time, place screwed up newspaper inside the boots. For best results dry for at least 48 hours. Store out of direct sunlight.

Fabric Composition: 100% natural rubber compound

Technology: 100% natural rubber compound. Non-slip razor cut soles for grip.