Silic One Non-stick Coating

HEMPEL's latest technological innovation: the new silicone non-stick coating system

The Silic One product without biocides is based on silicone and hydrogel, which give the painting area aqueous properties.


  •  Revolutionary system for removing scale
  •  For all types of boats
  •  Low friction
  •  The best solution for propellers

Hempel's Silic Seal

  • Applies to existing antifouling
  • Hempel’s Silic Seal 45441 is a two component epoxy primer that eases the transition from antifouling to the Hempel’s Silic One nonstick coating system.
  • It can be applied on previously painted antifouling that is in good condition

Silic One for propellers

Automatic cleaning, even at low speed, can be applied on top of good antifouling. The Silic One Propeller is the best option for your propeller.on-stick Coating

Silic One Non-stick Coating

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